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Denied Re: boss fighter #1

Post by boss fighter on February 25th 2017, 12:55 am

No, someone by the name of "tiktak" got into my account. Back then, he was in YrN. After I got my account back, I told the prestige and leaders of YrN many times to remove me from the members. And I'm pretty sure Snipers' Blood is not a real clan. It was a name for a clan I made up. I never created the website, it didn't have a forum, no body except me and a friend knows about Snipers Blood. Sorry if I sound a bit rude. I swear to god, I never wanted to join YrN.

boss fighter

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Denied Re: boss fighter #1

Post by Destroyer980 on March 1st 2017, 2:19 am

Application denied.

Attempting to multiclan with another clan.

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