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Denied OhKxin #2

Post by OhKxin on August 8th 2018, 12:26 am

1. Username: OhKxin

2. Give us your personal statement (include who you are, interests, what you can offer): My name is Dan, i'm interested in games which include gun fights and teaming up with players.

3. What games are you actively playing?: Plazma Burst, Black Ops 3

3b. Please list your username for those games (if multiple usernames, specify username for each game): OhKxin

4. Are you currently in any gaming clans/groups?: No

4b. What gaming clans/groups have you been in before?: I've been in NGSA and DARK CLAN

4c. What made you leave your past clans/groups?: People changing between clans and genuinely telling rumors about people betraying their clan. Which for the most part was annoying

5. Why do you want to join Biohazard?: It's a clan that has been in my interest for years of playing Plazma Burst 2 because of how old and rare it is. For the most part it's the people in the clan who are friendly and supportive

6. Which members do you know in Biohazard?: Dwayne, Max Teabag

6b. How did you meet them?: By joining in lobbies and playing in different maps throughout the years of playing Plazma Burst 2

7. What country do you live in?: England

8. Extra comments/questions: I want to see Dwayne's airplane collection and get to know Foxxar better


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Denied Re: OhKxin #2

Post by Destroyer980 on August 8th 2018, 12:30 am

forgot to wait 2 weeks

denied lol

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